Our Vision

Active Lifestyle Solutions You Feel & See!

Aktive is committed to being the leading provider result driven products you can see and feel infused with hemp derived CBD nutrition. We pair hemp derived CBD with innovative product delivery systems for the global marketplace producing the highest quality hemp derived CBD products in the exact dose needed for results. We give back in research, education and support of the communities and fields we work in. All products are made with hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC.


Blast Caps

“Blasting” Nutrients
Enriching Energy

Perform at your highest level every day in every way. Get all-day balanced energy and mental clarity through fresh nutrients and high quality hemp cbd oil. Unlike other energy and focus drink Aktive products have no sugar or preservatives

For AKTIVE Lifestyles

Aktive is created for lifestyle solutions. Where does life get in your way? Do you need help with better sleep, easier joint mobility, healthy weight management, immune system support, younger looking skin or always desire more energy. Aktive helps provide lifestyle solutions with specific products with answers and results.


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