6 Healthy Tips To Help You Stick To Your Resolutions

  1. Find an accountability buddy
    Success is always better when it is shared with friends.  Find a friend who wants to take on a New Years resolution with you, and start off 2018 with a commitment to a shared goal.  You can be each other’s coach, cheerleader, and confidant, holding one another accountable throughout the year.  If you have to answer to a friend you are more likely to follow through and stick to your resolution.
  2. Break up big goals into small tasks
    Big things happen by adding up small accomplishments. If all of your goals involve long-term objectives, break it down to something you can do that you can check off a list on a daily basis. Checking off items as you go helps you feel like you are making accomplishments and producing results that are getting you closer to ultimate goal. The physical process of “checking off” an item also give you an emotional high!
  3. Add more vegetables to your meals
    If healthy weight management is a resolution you’ve made, you’ll want to start by replacing unhealthy meal options with plenty of greens. Vegetables should dominate your meals more then any other food group.  A good tip is to place the vegetables and salad on your plate first, covering three quarters of the plate before you add any protein or carbs.  It will limit the space for the foods you need to restrict. 
  4. Reduce sugar consumption
    Fruits and vegetables are both high in vitamins and minerals, but unlike vegetables, fruits also contain higher amounts of carbohydrates/sugars.  Limit the amount of fruit you consume daily to reduce calories and carbohydrate intake, making sure that you and your partner are sticking to your healthy meal plan. 
  5. Drop the dressings
    A low calorie salad dressing is a key staple to any diet plan, as you’ll want to make sure that you are cutting out unnecessary calories and carbs found in some higher fat dressings.  The fiber found in your salad, when consumed prior to your main course, will help you to feel full before moving to the entrée.
  6. Those shoes are made for walking!
    If you have not been exercising regularly start with walking.  It’s a simple step toward regular exercise, and you can always include a friend, which also gives you a great opportunity to catch up with one another in the process.  Set regular times each week to walk together rain or shine! Working toward your goals with a partner will help you achieve that healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of this year. Stick to your resolutions in 2018, and remember, success is sweeter when shared!
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