Beauty Benefits of Apple Stem Cells

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Some may say, an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but what benefits do apples really have for you? Can apple really help your skin?

Now we can’t speak on whether an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but we can speak on the fact that Apple Stem Cells have many benefits for the skin. This was first discovered in a rare Swiss apple, the stem cells from the apple and was studied for its’ ability to repair its’ own skin layer using stem cells.

Beauty Brands have been researching how to repair the skin naturally since the beginning of time mainly focusing on the repairing of skin elasticity and erasing signs of wrinkles.

“A rare Swiss apple protects the skin’s own stem cells and helps you turn back the clock. Powerful skin firming peptides function as a facial architect to counteract the effects of gravity by restructuring and anchoring the epidermis/dermis junction” says Aktive Beauty Expert and CEO of Chae Manufacturing, Linda Chae.

Aktive uses ingredients like Apple Stem Cells to do just that, to firm the skin so that the skin can repair itself and get back to its’ natural youthful state.

Apple Stem Cells have been considered a natural anti-aging breakthrough.  “This ingredient is Anti-aging breakthrough combats chronological aging; decreases wrinkles; protects vitality & longevity of skin stem cells; regenerates damaged tissue, and revitalizes skin stem cells as it delays the onset of wrinkles,” explains Chae.

“This is why our team of experts at Aktive have designed our anti-aging products to include this ingredient in our products,” state Chae, “we want to make the aging process as natural and graceful as possible that why you can see this ingredient in products like the Aktive Face Lift.”

See Apple Stem Cells in action when using the Aktive Face Life product. You will visibly see your skin tighten and lift within minutes. By applying a small amount of the Akitve Facelift to your skin on a regular basis you will see the long-term effects as this formula helps your skin recover its youthful vibrant.



Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels

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