The Best Hemp Oil for Sleep, Naturally from Aktive

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Infuse your sleep with hemp extract and all-natural ingredients, including melatonin and valerian root. Hemp works naturally with your body to ensure you are getting the best night’s sleep. Read more to learn how hemp extract does its thing and how you can get the most out of this natural remedy!

A Little Help from Some Friends

Hemp interacts with your endocannabinoid system to increase activity in your receptors. This means that instead of altering how they function it enhances their functionality to encourage your natural endocannabinoids to bind.  The blends of hemp extract with other natural remedies added, including melatonin, that can help with specific concerns, like insomnia. 

Getting the Most Out of Hemp Extract for Sleep

When you are selecting a hemp extract product to use as a sleep solution, it can be beneficial to look for ones that contain other active ingredients like valerian root. When you have multiple ingredients working together towards the same goal, you get a more effective dose. Aktive has a handful of sleep specific products, like our Sleep Booster that contains lactium and hemp extract.

Sprays a Day Keeps Insomnia Away

If you want to use broad-spectrum hemp extract as your go-to for sleep aid you can do that as well! When taking hemp extract for sleep it’s best to do it routinely so that your body syncs up with it. It’s kind of like how you get hungry around the times of day that you usually eat during—your body is used to receiving food on that consistent schedule. You can see great results when your body is use to having the endocannabinoid system activated.

We’re always posting up to date information about hemp extract on our blog, so if you have any questions look there for answers!

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