Giving Health for the Holidays

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The holidays bring us all together and are a great time to show your loved ones that you care about. We all love giving and getting gifts, but what do you get for someone who wants health for the holidays? We all know fitness nuts, dedicated athletes and people who just need to take some downtime. Lucky for you, there’s one great all-encompassing gift for those types. Read on to find out why hemp extract is one of the best gifts this holiday season.

For the #1 Athlete in Your Life

Maybe you have a husband who is trying to get his marathon times down or an aunt who hits the soccer field every week. With heavy physical activity comes soreness, fatigue and sometimes even injuries. Lucky for them, hemp-infused products can help soothe all of the above! When it comes to the athlete you love most, go for the Aktive’s Pain Management and Sleep Support Bundle.

For the Friends Striving To Erase the Stress

Is your best friend over stressed? One way to remove the stress is to spray it away.  Aktive Firming Toner firms and relaxes the skin so no one can see the pressure underneath the skin with a hemp infusion. When your friend is stressed and searching for relief, gift them some Aktive Firming Toner for a little something different.

For your Mom Who Gets Seasonal Joint Discomfort

The holiday season is the chilliest time of year. Along with the cold weather, some people experience seasonal joint discomfort. Whether it be a side effect of seasonal allergies or an effect of barometric pressure changes, these discomforts typically affect older people. When your relatives regularly experience these discomforts, give them the gift of Aktive’s Pain Solution!

Aktive has plenty of products formulated with hemp extract to aid all sorts of ailments. You can check out our other products by browsing our catalog. If you have questions about hemp extract, check out our blog!

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