Pamper yourself with an Aktive Skincare Facial

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Face it, your skin goes through a lot! Wouldn’t it be nice to start your day with the soothing natural feel of cleansing hemp oil? For those who don’t know hemp oil (CBD) nourishes many parts of the human anatomy.  From skin, muscles and joints, CBD is a natural alternative to stress relief, physically and emotionally, and general recovery for people of all ages. 

The Perfect Product for your Skin

Aktive Skincare provides quality products from the finest ingredients to ensure that every wash is a pamper in a bottle. If you haven’t tested CBD and hemp-infused products, you’re already behind! The Firming Facial Toner hydrates your skin leaving you refreshed all while combating that nagging aging look and feel. However, if you really want to take on time there’s only one way to do it: Aktive’s Age Erase Moisturizer full of hemp-derived oil and retinol. Needless to say, it what we in the industry call a “powerhouse moisturizer”. If you aren’t looking to completely turn back the clock but need a bit of a pick me up, the high-end Face Lift Serum could be the perfect fit for your face! 

Aktive Skincare for all Ages

If you are one of the lucky few who aren’t concerned about looking their age (maybe because they are so young!!), Aktive creates a daily Moisturizing Facial Cleanser infusing a calming blend of Hemp CBD and aloe that rejuvenates and soothes while penetrating deeply into your pores. Was that a lot of big words? How about this: this moisturizer will make you look and feel better all while protecting and replenishing your skin! 

Aktive Skincare is at the forefront of the hemp oil industry that is geared toward creating a better and more fulfilling life experience for their customers. Simply by creating the perfect blend of ingredients and allowing you to get a spa-grade facial in the comfort of your home. Face it, you deserve to pamper yourself! Shop all of Aktive Skin Care products today to take your daily routine to the next level.

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