Explaining CBD to Your Family and Friends

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Explaining CBD oil to your friends and family is easier than you think! There are many positive attributes to hemp and CBD oil. Starting the conversation about CBD is the first step, and avoiding the temptation to use big medical terms is a must. Check out a few tips that could explaining CBD and hemp oil to your friends and family

All of the Positive Impact of Cannabinoids With No High 

With over 113 cannabinoids identified as having an effect on our system, explaining the positive effects can be overwhelming. THC has been known to produce a high but, CBD has been proven to have the same positive attributes of cannabinoids without the dangers of a high. 

Neurotransmitters and CBD  

Our nervous system requires different types of signals to function properly. The neurotransmitters are a chemical balance that will fire and not fire signals to our body. Not having the right balance of neurotransmitters can be hard to fix. CBD oil can improve serotonin levels which can restore mood function in those with anxiety.

Hemp Oil is Safe for Both Humans and Pets

Hemp oil has been proven to be safe for both pets and humans. Studies show that hemp oil and CBD have been proven to reduce stress levels in our fur-friends as well. Companies like Aktive have identified the positive impact that CBD and hemp oil have on pets and humans and have crafted products that enhance the lives of men, women, dogs, and even cats. 

When talking to friends and family about CBD and hemp oil the conversation can be a breeze. The first step is starting the conversation, and letting them know that you are using the products in a safe and regulated manner. Aktive provides safe hemp extract products that aid in making our lives a little easier. Shop all of the Aktive’s products, today!

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