The Connection Between Energy Drinks and Kidney Stones

Most energy drinks contain the additive Calcium Oxlate, a mineral component that helps form the most common form of Kidney Stones. There are many other factors that help with the formation of kidney stones such as:

-Sodium rich diets


-Lack of water in the diet

Energy drinks can also aid in the other factors that cause kidney stones like the high sodium level in energy drinks and the replacement of water or lack of water in these energy drinks.  The typical energy drink contains 35 grams of sugar and 180mg of sodium. Leading to a huge build of sugar, sodium and Calcium Oxlate in the bladder and kidneys ultimately forming crystalized kidney stones.

Aktive Today’s focused energy supplement contains 0 grams of sugar and does not contain Calcium Oxlate. The Focus Energy Blast cap contains all the energy without the harsh side effects of other energy drinks plus the nutritional benefits of Hemp Extract.

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