Hemp Extract vs THC: What’s Inside Your Hemp Oil?

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As the Hemp Extract market continues to change daily, it can be challenging to understand the difference between Hemp Extract vs THC, especially if it’s your first time using the product. Aktive Today has been one of the leading developers and educators in the industry over the past three years. As more states are legalizing Hemp Extract oil, consumers are becoming more curious.  

The Basics

While both Hemp Extract and THC both come from the same plant and have the same chemical structure, they do not have the same effect on the body. Hemp Extract is found through the hemp plant extraction and comes in the form of oil, gel, supplements, and even dog treats. THC is the psychoactive compound that people know as marijuana. All Hemp Extract products must be under .3% THC to be sold in the USA.

Hemp Extract vs THC

Aktive Today is always researching new products and discovering different health benefits that hemp oil has on the body. Here is a comparison of Hemp Extract vs THC:   

*Hemp Extract and THC are illegal federally. See if your state has made Hemp Extract legal yet.

Where To Get Hemp Extract

All of Aktive Hemp Extract oil products are for the everyday person wanting to live a happier and healthy lifestyle. As Hemp Extract laws change each day in the US, it is important to keep up to date with your local and state laws. Talk with your healthcare professional before using any of our products for medical reasons. Shop all of our products online today.

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