Three Ways Hemp Oil Can Help Keep You Calm This Upcoming Holiday Season

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You love your family, but everyone has a doomsday prepping uncle or a grandmother who’s views are stuck in the 40s. Holiday stress is real, but hemp oil can help keep you calm during this trying time. When that Thanksgiving or holiday get together feels like a disaster waiting to happen, these are the reasons you should reach for a calming hemp extract from Aktive:

Sleep Better Across Every New Time Zone

It’s hard to realign your sleep schedule when you cross time zones. When you’re dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays you need your rest more than ever! Aktive’s Sleep Booster comes in handy when you’re trying to wind down for the night, but your body still thinks it’s 6pm.

Hemp Oil Can Help Keep You Calm When Interacting with Your Tricky Relatives

The best thing you can use to destress this holiday season is hemp extract! Hemp oil has been proven to boost activity in the serotonin receptors and is the perfect way to chase anxiety and holiday blues away. When you’re feeling the pressure, reach for Aktive’s Full Spectrum Tincture in Peppermint! It’s the perfect holiday flavor and will have you feeling serene before you know it.

Food Comas Are A Thing of the Past!

Feasts are a staple of every holiday get together, and we wouldn’t have that any other way! While we love an extra helping of turkey or dessert, it’s no secret that you’ll wake up the next day feeling sluggish after these meals. Consuming hemp extract before or after a meal can aid in digestion and can also chase away the food coma before it even starts.

When you’re making your list of holiday relaxation tools, don’t forget about hemp oil! This powerful, clean health product does so much good for your mind and body that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Looking for more hemp extract? Check out our wide range of Aktive products!

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