Aktive Releases A New Hemp Extract Pain Solution Spray

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As the dangers of opioids becoming more prevalent to the public, consumers are replacing them with all-natural alternative pain solution. So, what are opioids? Opioids are a drug, many of which are overly abused, which includes illegal substances and prescription medications. Consumers have been calling for an effective, non-addictive, non-toxic, and all-natural new product to contest the demand of opioids as well as potentially relieving joint discomfort. The local company, Aktive, heard the consumers and did something about it. 

Natural Alternative to Perscriptions 

Aktive created an easily portable product, Pain Solution Topical Spray, to answer the specific needs the market demands. The product is hemp extract-based, full of active ingredients such as menthol, black pepper, frankincense, cinnamon and ginger. This is exactly what the doctor – or should I say the consumer – ordered! 

Jennifer Wolbers, the founder of Aktive, said: “Since we introduced the spray, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from customers.” She continued, “The combination of menthol and other ingredients is proving to be an effective means of relieving pain at its source – quickly. And the small size makes it convenient for their busy on-the-go lifestyles.”

The origin of Aktive stems from professionals in both the health and beauty industries, with a sum of over 200 years of providing expert care. The most recent addition to the Aktive product line is the Pain Solution Topical Spray. Aktive focused on other derived products for people and pets geared towards combating skin conditions, low energy and general unwellness. Now Aktive has added discomfort relief to its arsenal of aid with the Pain Solution Topical Spray. 

An Easy Pain Solution 

Retailing for $19.99, the pain solution comes in a compact 25-ounce container full of 60mg of hemp extract. With approximately 60 sprays the application couldn’t be more straightforward. Spray directly to the aching joints and muscles, which will be quickly absorbed. Within minutes, you feel the fresh sensation of the menthol along with other ingredients provides further comfort. 

President of Aktive, Tony Gaines, thoroughly enjoys the number of recurring customers. He anticipates furthering consumer trust and loyalty as Aktive continues to evolve its product while doing things the right way – emphasizing safety and loyalty. 

Gaines stresses that “the cannabis we source is sustainably grown using organic practices on family-owned farms in Kentucky, Oregon and Colorado. It is then processed and tested for purity and potency by state-of-the-art laboratories. We practice a strictly regulated testing procedure. The hemp is grown and extracted under the strict guidelines of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.”

To find out more about the new Aktive Pain Solution Topical Spray along with other Aktive products, go to aktivetoday.com.

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