Beverage Industry and Dead Nutrition

Are you familiar with hot fill processes used by some brands when bottling your drinks? Hot Fill is a bottle filling process in which the contents of the bottle are heated – up to 194 degrees F (90 degrees C) in order to sterilize the product prior to being poured into the bottle. Quick facts behind the Hot Fill process include:

  • Some products packaged using hot fill technology include fruit juices, vegetable juices, flavored waters and sports drinks.  
  • The heating process can destroy health benefits by eliminating the presence of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your drink.

When the health benefits are stripped from your drink, you could be drinking empty calories and not maximizing the return from your liquids. So how can you enjoy your drinks while getting the health benefits you are looking for?

Answer? – Aktive Blast Caps. Our Blast Cap technology, contains all  natural, active ingredients and flavors. Our sweeteners are stored preservative-free in the Blast Cap chamber and delivered at time of consumption when “blasted” into your drink container.  Freshness and results on-demand with a simple blast!

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