CBD Bath Bomb Recipe

CBD Oil has been long studied for its soothing benefits for joints and muscles. We love trying new ways to use our Phoenix Tears CBD Oil so we tested out our very own DIY CBD Oil infused Bath Bombs using the Phoenix Tears 600 MG Lemon Lime Tinctures. Here’s how we did it….

4 oz. baking soda.
2 oz. cornstarch.
2 oz. Epsom salt.
2 oz. citric acid.
1 ½ tsp. water.
1 tsp. essential oil. (We choose Lavender)
¼ tsp. of the Phoenix Tears Lemon Lime 600 MG Tincture.
1 – 2 drops of food coloring.

Combine the dry ingredients into a small bowl. Whisk. Combine the liquid ingredients (do not include the food coloring yet) together into a small glass. Slowly pour the liquid ingredients into the small bowl with the dry ingredients and continue to whisk until there is a sand-like consistency. After this is complete drop into the food coloring and compact the mixture into your chosen mold (a muffin tin works or you can purchase a bath bomb mold on Amazon) Let dry for 24 hours until the bath bomb hardens. Remove from mold, drop in your bath, and enjoy!

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