Meet The Pet Expert

Meet Harrison Forbes- Harrison Forbes is a world-renowned Animal Behaviorist and a celebrity pet expert. His lives work has consisted of researching the behavior of animals and providing support and feedback to their owners to strengthen each pet-owner bond. He has appeared on Larry King LiveFox News NetworkCNNCBS Morning ShowThe Today ShowThe View, and more.[2] He has contributed to PEOPLE Pets, Family Circle, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and USA Today, among other publications, and is the bestselling author of the book Dog Talk.


CBD Benefits for Pets

CBD hold the same benefits for your pets as they do for you! CBD has been studied for its health benefits it has on the heart, nervous system and joint support for animals.

For the anxious or aging pet, each product is infused with CBD to help relax and ease inflammation in your pet.

CBD is used to reduce inflammation in the joints and has even been said to help relieve anxiety in humans as well as animals.

Aktive Today is partnering with the pet expert himself, Harrison Forbes to bring you the best in CBD Health for your pet.


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Long studied for it’s benefits, hemp deprived CBD has been embraced as a super food. Hemp derived CBD products help support the endocannabinoid system which through research since the 1940’s has been identified as a system that connects and regulates other systems (cardiovascular, nervous, etc) throughout the body. CBD has the same impact on your pet’s body as it does on your own body! Helping support their heart, nervous system and joint health.


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Hemp Derived CBD

Long studied in Israel for anti-inflammatory properties, Hemp derived CBD is the most famous for the neuroprotective evidence to help support brain health.*

Locally Grown

AKTIVE’s hemp derived CBD comes from premium genetics that are high in CBD,  sustainably grown in the US by family farmers and tested by a 3rd party

Controlled Dosing

AKTIVE products use controlled dosing to make it easy to incorporate the changing benefits of hemp deprived CBD into your busy active lifestyle.

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

What is it?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil derived from the whole hemp plant. CBD hemp oil is a natural botanical concentrate that is high in the compound CBD.  There are more than 85 cannabinoids so far identified in the cannabis plant, CBD is the second most common after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychotropic, and therefore doesn’t cause a euphoric high.

Pure hemp cannabidiol oil can be consumed directly as a nutritional supplement.

Over the years, great advances in CBD hemp oil product development have led to what are now dozens of different types of CBD hemp oil products.  Phoenix Tears is now leading the way to developing optimal health products for millions.

What does it do?

Hemp derived CBD has significant health benefits as a nutritional super food. CBD-rich hemp has a long history of being used to for wellness issues worldwide, originating in ancient civilizations in Asia. CBD research has surged in recent years among scientist and physicians as a natural answer to diet and health concerns as access to hemp derived CBD increased.

The reason behind CBD’s effectiveness is due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system which is a newly discovered regulatory network in all mammals, including humans that boost both the neurological and immune systems.

To learn more about the chemical makeup of CBD and the benefits  CLICK HERE 


Aktive is teaming up with Harrison Forbes, a leading animal behaviorist and expert in pet health in the United States, to bring pet owners a solution to their pets everyday health and behavioral struggles.

For years, CBD has been studied for its regulating effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system as well as it’s benefiting factors for joint inflammation. For both humans AND animals.

Harrison Forbes has made helping animals and their owners the center of his career. We are lucky to have him join the Aktive team to spread the word of CBD health to those in need.