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Finding it hard to sleep?

If you or someone you know isn’t sleeping well, you know that it can ruin your life. You lie awake at night in a never-ending spiral of frustration and fear, wondering if you’ll ever sleep. You then wake up every morning with your head feeling heavy.

And when negative effects like depression, weight gain, and aging skin occur, you’ll hit rock bottom fast. With an increased risk of heart disease and memory loss, you may never recover. We know you’re not alone because 1 in 3 American adults experience this. That’s why we’ve teamed up with leading sleep experts to provide you with a groundbreaking solution. Our stats show that it has a 70% chance of saving you from this mess!

The AKTIVE Sleep Booster is a natural remedy that can give you the sound sleep that you crave. By using CBD oil as a key ingredient, it’ll improve your brain health as well. By teaming up with psychologist Dr Michael J. Breus, the Sleep Booster is here to help you sleep better…

Here is what we know. Sleep is a Process:

The Sleep Booster has been developed to give you a healthier lifestyle and spectacular sleep. According to Dr Breus, sleep is a process that involves a good sleep drive and rhythm. Without either, your life goes haywire and you begin to feel helpless. But by using the AKTIVE Sleep Booster, you’ll build both in a natural and safe way. Waking up, you’ll not only feel refreshed but you’ll be more productive and positive.

Meet the Sleep Doctor:

Dr Michael J. Breus is a leading psychologist in sleep disorders and is here to help you sleep better. Backed by his expertise and years of research, the Sleep Booster gives you the optimal blend of sleep ingredients. With controlled doses of Melatonin, L-Theanine, & Valerian, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t overdose and suffer. But, there’s a special ingredient that sets the Sleep Booster apart…


“I have been having an issue falling and staying asleep for use and have explored every option. I felt hopeless and did not want to rely on prescription drugs for the rest of my life. I have chosen a more natural route with Dr. Breus Sleep Booster and haven’t looked back! This product has changed my life.” Ben – Verified purchaser

“My attempt to keep this short is difficult but I will begin by sharing that I have experienced insomnia/ sleep  issues for many years and when over the counter aids failed I used prescription medication to help me sleep. But….. I wanted to learn how to sleep naturally. First, I read many sleep books and linked to the cited research. I learned that drugstore and prescription medication disrupt normal sleep….not good. Second, I needed to have some hope for success so I took an online (28 day) sleep course to relearn how to sleep. I used the Sleep Booster to break my cycle of insomnia.  Currently I am sleeping 6-7 hours a night. Third, I would like to share that Sleep Booster is easy to use with it’s effective pump system. The quality of the supplement is backed by Dr Michael Breus PhD (the sleep doctor) and his research supports the tasty ingredients. This CBD product calms and support a NORMAL sleep cycle and it contains all-natural ingredients.  The only con is being scared to give this stuff a try or to use the Booster without following some sleep course. I would also like to share that at Xmas I gave two friends a bottle of Sleep Booster and links to quality sleep research. They are sleeping better. In closing….I will continue to purchase from Aktive because I appreciate being able to buy convenient things and you made it EASY to order a quality product. For that I am thankful….” Marjorie – Verified purchaser

I have had trouble sleeping my entire adult (and teen) life. For many years I have used products such as Ambien or Xanax to help on nights I just lie there with my brain on over-drive, especially if I have something important the next day. I live in Northern California where medicinal cannabis has been in common use for a long time, and many friends have used CBD-rich edibles to help with sleep. I have used CBD sprays since they became available at my local natural foods market and found they really helped. They didn’t really put me to sleep, but I think the anti-anxiety properties helped with slowing down my mind to help me fall asleep. 

When I read about AKTIVE on Dr. Breuss’ newsletter, I figured it was worth a try, especially since it was about the same cost as the CBD I was already purchasing. After a week I was convinced it worked better than the CBD I was using and began to tell my friends. Typically, when I can’t sleep, I listen to audiobooks or resort to Ambien. I knew AKTIVE really worked when I realized it had been days or weeks since I had done either. I use it every night and continue to tell my friends.” Deeanne – Verified purchaser

AKTIVE Sleep Booster improves your sleep quality with less sleep time, which gives you a natural sleep schedule. By getting a deeper and shorter sleep, you’ll feel so much better upon awakening.

Start feeling more energized and refreshed from your sleep when you use the AKTIVE Sleep Booster today! And, with a 30-day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose! Click here to purchase

We want to be straight up and honest with you. AKTIVE Sleep Booster is a natural product and isn’t guaranteed to work. It isn’t a pharmaceutical sledgehammer that can give you side effects either. It works on most people, but not everyone. Research shows 30% of users get spectacular results, 40% get very good results, and 30% get some to no results. However, the good news is you can’t lose! If you’re one of the 30% then let us know, and we will refund your money.

We are offering first-time purchasers of our AKTIVE Sleep Booster 2 specials offers…








Dr Michael J. Breus:

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine
  • Expert resource for most major publications (Wall Street Journal, New York Times etc.)
  • Sleep Expert, WebMD for more than 14 years
  • Works regularly with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies
  • Clinical advisory member of The Dr. Oz Show with regular appearances
  • Author of 3 best-selling books on sleep


Yay for sleep

I have insomnia on and off and this stuff puts me out within 20 minutes even when my mind is racing – Kathryn –
May 2019


This product works very well

This product works very well and will be purchasing it again. –
Douglas- May 2019


Works Great

This product works very well

I’ve been using Active for about a month. I used to listen to books to get back to sleep on many nights. I think I’ve done that only once or twice. I have not needed Ambien at all. I’ve been using CBD for several months with some success, but this formula works even better –
Deeanne- April 2019


Sleep Booster is effective….

This product works very well and will be purchasing it again. –
Marjorie- March 2019


Awesome Product

I have been suffering from Insomnia for more than a decade and have tried a million different things. This product along with a little bit of melatonin helps me sleep like a baby. And i feel completely clear headed the next day. No groginess whatsoever. Love this product. I wish they could make it cheaper though. –
Ashwin- March 2019